Collection: Electric Bikes

 The amount of options and places to buy E-Bikes these days seems endless, we know! Come take a test ride today! 
That is why we strive to carry the most unique variety, while maintaining a very reasonable cost. From beach cruiser, to fat tire moto style , to kick bikes; if riding a bike is your joy and you want to be able to cover up to 50 miles without much effort, we have something just for you!
 Our E-Bike selection covers two classes: Standard, Pedal-Assist E-Bikes, and Kick Bikes (big wheeled scooters). With Pedal-Assist, you have three riding style options:

1- Deactivate motor power and pedal it just like any regular bicycle.

2- Activate Pedal-Assist mode which enables you to pedal with the motor assisting you. This enables you to cover much more ground, and travel up hills without tiring yourself out. Instead of putting all of your focus into pedaling with everything you've got up those hills around town, you can let the electric motor do ~half of the work for you, while still getting some exercise!

3- Activate 100% motor power. This will enable the motor to take over the job of getting you where you need to go. In this setting there is no need to pedal or use any of your energy to ride around; it will rely entirely on battery power!