I Get Around is the first full service PEV (personal electric vehicle) shop in Idaho.  We offer services on all PEVs.  Repairs, customization, upgrades, adding accessories etc. We service: e-Scooters, e-Skateboards, e-Bikes, Onewheels, EUCs.  Full services list coming soon.  For now just know that we can take care of your PEV service needs. To schedule your service just come in with your vehicle OR call us at (208) 807-4957 or message us on Facebook here. 

We have a service partnership with Kegan Amundson founder and one of the owners of local e scooter company NF scooters that sells larger e scooters with full size bicycle tires.    He graduated BSU in 2002 with an electrical engineering degree, has been custom building his NF scooter brand since 2015 and working on all PEVs for over 5 years.