Collection: Electric Unicycles

I Get Around is the FIRST Idaho based brick-and-mortar store to carry the worlds most exciting new form of transportation; Electric Unicycles! (Also known by the riding community as EUC) 

 We currently carry 4 options for you to choose from:
Mten4: This small but sturdy machine runs on an 11" wheel and can reach up to 25 miles on a single charge!
T4: This dirt-eating-machine is quickly becoming known as the best wheel for technical off-road, jumps, and smooth sailing on pavement! The 16" wheel provides nimble maneuverability and the suspension gives a nice soft ride.
Master: This Wheel won the off-road Shred Fest races! Capable of reaching eye-watering fast speeds and handling any terrain you can throw at it, this is essentially the top wheel for people who like to push their wheels to extremes. (though riding it soft and slow will just give you a much farther range on the battery!)
Master Pro: This is the top wheel for long range performance. Capable of reaching up to ~120 miles on a single charge; this wheel comes with a new style of very bright headlight, has onboard heads up display and speedometer, upgraded spiked pedals, metal battery casings and an 80mm suspension all balanced on a 22 inch all terrain tire!

 Interested in the wheels but don't know where to begin?
With purchase of any of our wheels, we will help you learn how to ride! We also supply all the protective gear you need, and will even let you take your first ride on one of our used wheels, so you don't have to risk any cosmetic damage to your new wheel. It is not as difficult as it seems and *most people can get it down in an afternoon.