Collection: Skate Shop

 Along with our variety of electric wheels, we also offer a full skate shop! This includes pre-built complete skateboards, longboards, premium graphic skate decks, a wide variety of trucks, wheels, bearings, spacers, nuts and bolts; you name it. We even have skate trucks that are covered in soft velvet! We have a huge variety of grip tape; colored, graphic, and plain.
 We also carry a new style of aluminum longboards, made from 100% recycled beer cans and kegs. These are some of the nicest longboards we have seen. They are extremely lightweight and the color really pops on the aluminum deck! You can check them out in our store, or at, and then come pick one up locally from us!

 Roller Skates / Blades: We are working on finishing up our initial order and plan to be the local source for roller skates and roller blades. Please be patient with us and we will try and supply you with everything you need! For now, we can put some new bearings in your existing skates and get you rolling smooth this summer!