We offer rentals of: eBikes, eSkates, EUCs now and OneWheels and eScooter in the near future. Try one of our PEVs and then if you decide you want to buy we'll discount up to 8 hours rental from the purchase price of buying. Its like an extended test drive.  Now you can really try before you buy. :) 


Exway Flex ER, Exway Wave: 
1 hr: $19  2 hr. $30 4 hr. $40 8 hr $60 24 hr $80. Extra days: $50 per day

Exway Atlas Carbon, Begode Mten4 and all e-bikes,: 
1 hr. $25 2 hr. $40 4 hr. $60 8 hr. $80 24 hr. $100. Extra days: $60 per day 

EUC Lesson/rental: 1 hr $50 ad extra hr. $40 w/ instructor $19 w/out if possible 

Online platform coming soon, for now call us at: 208-807-4957 or message us on Facebook to schedule your rental.