About Us

Mission Statement:
We believe in offering fun alternative and clean forms of transport to the people of Idaho and the world. While we're at it we'll throw in some good fashion and other things too. 

Ben Berquist grew up skateboarding, riding dirt bikes, and listening to rock and metal. Rode onewheels for a few years and used it to get around while I did not have the ability to drive, before I switched to riding EUCs. All of these things contributed to my dream and planning to create this business.

Tim Beck also grew up a lil west Boise skater punk, longboarded all through college in Rexburg, ID and later in SLC.  After seeing the corporate rental scooters and trying them he wanted to get one of his own but didn't like the idea of spending so much without actually trying it.  Over time, he learned about other PEVs(personal electric vehicles) and a longboard with brakes sounded like a must try.  Tim and others he's encountered find riding a great way to not only get places and have fun, but as a mental health therapy. He wants to give people a chance to try and find their own ride therapy without breaking the bank and with a local store by your side to help you learn and when you may need service.  He is a father of 2 and besides riding enjoys live music, dancing, DJing, hiking, camping and the outdoors.