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Exway Flex

Exway Flex

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  • Exway Flex is a powerful entry level electric longboard, hit speeds of 25 mph for a price of under $700
  • Top Speed:25mph
  • Range:17 miles
  • Deck size:970×240mm
  • Deck: Flexy composite(Bamboo, maple, fiberglass)
  • Weight:16.5 lbs
  • Battery: 216 Wh
  • Motor: 1000 Watt BLDC 2000 Watt peak
  • Truck: Exway Trist 8inch RKP forged CNC
  • Hill Climbing:30% 
  • Charging Time:3.6H (Standard Charger)
  • Max Load:180kg/400lbs
  • Wheels: 85*56mm 76A (Orange)
  • Remote: R2 w/ 4 speed modes
  • App: Exway app for customization

    You can choose from the hub motor or belt drive which Exway calls "riot" Exway has a swappable drive train too so you can experience both with a single board.  

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